Flamenco Guitars

I offer three exquisite models of the Flamenco Guitar all built in Sydney Australia to traditional Spanish style methods and techniques.

All my Flamenco Guitars feature the same soundboard bracing design with loud volume, highly responsive to the right hand, huge presence, and great dynamic contrast.


Flamenco Guitar played by Paco Lara

Flamenco Guitar played by Paco Lara

Concert Flamenco Guitar (Blanca) played by Paco Lara

Flamenco Blanca played by Angel Flores (Spain)

Flamenco Negra played by Paco Lara


Toscano Guitars Handmade Classical, Flamenco, Acoustic Guitars

All Guitars hand made to the very finest detail by Guitar Maker Luthier; Steve Toscano

Custom Guitars

Custom Classical Flamenco Acoustic Guitars

Commissioning a guitar from me gives you the opportunity to own a unique handcrafted instrument, whether you are a student, intermediate, or performing professional guitarist.

Finest Tonewoods

Tasmanian Blackwood Tonewood

Using only the finest Tonewoods from Australia and around the globe.