Weekly Guitar Making Course – The most popular option

Regular weekly guitar making course:

Our most common course option running all year long.

  • Open to all ages above 15 years.
  • Choose your own timbers and design
  • Once enrolled, each session lasts 4 hours, with students attending once a week
  • Approximately 30 sessions are required to complete your instrument.
  • We do NOT build from kits – that’s cheating! Your entire guitar is built from raw materials by YOU
  • All classes are kept to small numbers (6) – you get personal instruction and guidance every step of the way.
  • You will finish this course with your choice of your very own hand built Classical, Steel String, or Electric Guitar
  • Non guitarists are encouraged to join.
  • No prior wood working experience required
  • A mix of weekly, nightly, or weekend classes to choose from.
Price: $150 per class, paid per week

For more information please see the Australian Guitar Making School website

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See below student photos from the weekly Guitar Making Luthiers Course


Guitar Making Course

Guitar Making Course




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