Luthier’s Sessions – Sharpening with Trevor Gore

When: Thursday March 14th 2019, 6pm – 10pm

Where: Toscano Guitars Workshop – 11/37a King Rd. Hornsby NSW 2077

Price: $77 , Tickets available here  Limited numbers available so get in quick


Who: Instructed by Trevor Gore

Luthier's Sessions - Sharpening with Trevor Gor

What you learn:

  • Understanding what a sharp edge is
  • Understanding what a dull edge is (yes really!) and the difficulties that poses if not understood
  • The equipment required
  • The process to use
  • Particular blade shapes and angles for particular uses and how to achieve them
  • Demonstrations of technique
  • Hands on experience under keen supervision so YOU get a feel for it


Covers Sharpening of:

  • Plane irons
    • straight edges
    • crescent edges
    • relieved corners
    • bevel down blades
    • bevel up blades
    • spoke shave blades
    • miniature blades
  • Bench chisels
  • Dog leg chisels
  • Scrapers
    • card scrapers
    • hard scrapers
    • block scrapers
  • Router bits
  • Blade restoration



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