Guitar making courses in Sydney


Steve Toscano operates the Sydney Branch of the Australian Guitar Making School in his dedicated 200sq metre guitar making workshop at Hornsby NSW.

At the school there is several course options available:

The Regular Weekly Guitar Making Course  – Classical, Flamenco, Acoustic, or Electric Guitar

The Intensive 1:1 Guitar Making Course – Classical, Flamenco, or Acoustic

The Advanced Luthiers Course – Classical, Flamenco, or Acoustic


Guitar Making Course

Guitar Making Course Sydney Australia

With each course all tools and timbers/materials are provided.

Some of the tools and machinery in the workshop include: Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, and HNT Gordon hand tools. Laguna Machinery. Makita power tools.

Some of the timbers available include but not limited to: Spruce, Cedar, Brazilian & Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Brazilian Bloodwood, Ziricote, Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Myrtle, flamed Maple, QLD Maple, QLD Walnut, Silky Oak, Honduran Mahogany etc.



Regular weekly guitar making course:

  • Open to all ages above 15 years.
  • Choose your own timbers and design
  • Once enrolled, each session lasts 4 hours, with students attending once a week
  • Approximately 30 sessions are required to complete your instrument.
  • We do NOT build from kits – that’s cheating! Your entire guitar is built from raw materials by YOU
  • All classes are kept to small numbers (6) – you get personal instruction and guidance every step of the way.
  • You will finish this course with your choice of your very own hand built Classical, Steel String, or Electric Guitar
  • Non guitarists are encouraged to join.
  • No prior wood working experience required
  • A mix of weekly, nightly, or weekend classes to choose from.
Price: $130 per class, paid per week

For more information please see the Australian Guitar Making School website

OR Contact me


Guitar Making Luthiers Course

Guitar Making Luthiers Course


Intensive 1:1 Guitar making courses in Sydney


1:1 personal instruction to make your guitar in a dedicated guitar makers space in Sydney Australia.

Same as the weekly course, just in a 1:1 format and compressed to fulltime hours.

  • Acoustic/classical/flamenco guitar build options.
  • Any skill level from beginner to advanced catered for.
  • Over 10-20 days of training (depending on your skill level)
  • Priced from $4750  all inclusive depending on what you will make and your existing skills. Payment plans available.
  • Learn from one of the worlds most respected luthiers
  • Group bookings available from 2 – 4 people The more people the cheaper per person.
  • Use of all tools/machinery/ and materials along with guidance on how to use them.
  • No prior woodworking skills required.

Contact  to inquire about availability

Luthiers Course

Luthiers Course



Advanced Luthiers Course:

Become a guitar maker and have the greatest career in the world

Let Steve guide and get you on your way to becoming a world class luthier

  • Design, and make 2 of each model of guitar (4 guitars total) models available of acoustic guitar include: Steel String, Classical, and Flamenco
        • Niche options available for anyone wanting to focus on a specific guitar type, eg we can do 4 flamenco builds.
  • 3 days per week for 4months of 1 on 1 tuition, plus 12hours a week (3 classes) of nightly group class time. Over 550 hours total tuition time. Condensed intensive full time options also available
  • Curriculum includes but not limited to: How to choose timbers and other materials, workshop setup, tools and how to maintain them, complete guitar design, practical and theory on different build methods, marketing and advertising setup and support.
  • Excursions to timber yards, mills, and to a professional recording studio to have your guitars recorded.
  • Critique (of your instruments) and discussions with professional guitarists to discuss a guitarists needs in their instrument.
  • Limited availability: only 2 spots available each year.

Price includes EVERYTHING. You will walk away with: professionally drawn up plans of YOUR guitar designs, templates, all jigs/molds etc. 4x completed guitars. Professional recordings. Industry contacts. and most importantly the skills required to be on the way to a career as a professional luthier and guitar designer.

Price: $28500 

Prerequisite: you must have completed 4x previous guitar builds. You will need to know the basics first.

All interested participants will go through an application process and be vetted for suitability in this course.

Info pack, curriculum, and availability details for the advanced luthiers course available by contacting Steve

All courses are run in the Sydney (Hornsby workshop)



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